The Ontario Network for Sustainable Energy Policy (ONSEP) is a multi-disciplinary network based in Ontario universities focused on the promotion of sustainable energy policy. It encourages researchers from many disciplines (including engineering, economics, law, political science, sociology, management, and environmental science) to develop research, teaching and public outreach activities and dialogue around sustainable energy policy. It intends to bring new ideas, new tools and new people to the energy policy debate, and to engage thought leaders from a range of sectors around the challenge for sustainable energy.

The goal of ONSEP is to:

  • build a cooperative network of university faculty, researchers, and research students focused on sustainable energy policy;
  • facilitate multidisciplinary sustainable energy policy research;
  • attract faculty and students to the study of energy policy, technology and related issues;
  • organize workshops and conferences to promote academic and public discussion of energy policy;
  • attract funding to the study of sustainable energy policy in Ontario universities;
  • facilitate the participation of international thought-leaders in Ontario discussions of sustainable energy.


Unlike other academic organizations, ONSEP does not offer membership in the organization at a set cost. Instead, we encourage those interested to subscribe to our LinkedIn group and Twitter feed, and to join our mailing list to keep up-to-date on upcoming events and webinars.   See the links on the sidebar to access these networks. 

The ONSEP Executive (listed to the right) is composed of the founding members of ONSEP, and the Chair rotates among the executive members from year to year.  If you are a professor or instructor at an Ontario university who is working in the field of sustainable energy policy and are interested in potentially joining the ONSEP Executive, please contact the ONSEP Administrator for more information.  

Annual Workshop

ONSEP holds its annual workshop in April, following the end of the Winter semester.  The location varies from year to year, but we aim to hold it in an area that is about the same distance from Toronto as it is from Ottawa, and one that has an interesting energy project nearby to tour at the end of the conference.   In past years, we've held the Workshop in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Prince Edward County. 

The Annual Workshop is intended to be a smaller, more intimate conference than is typical of other academic organizations.  We try to limit presentations to around 8 per day, and the total attendance is usually around 40 people.  We do not print name tags, because we feel that they inhibit open and friendly conversation between participants.    The presenters are a mix of graduate students, supervisors and sometimes guests from other provinces or industry and/or government.  

If you are interested in attending the conference, please keep an eye on our Twitter feed or LinkedIn page, mailing list, or visit the Annual Workshop page on this site.  You can always contact the ONSEP Administrator for more details as well. 

Webinar Series

ONSEP plans to launch a new webinar series around the theme of sustainable energy policy in the fall of 2015.  The webinars will be hosted weekly or biweekly, and typically held on the same day of the week and time. Please follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or visit the Webinar page for more information.

The ONSEP Executive Committee, 2017-8