2011 Annual Workshop

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 09:00 to Friday, April 29, 2011 - 12:00


News and Updates

2011 Presentations

Kirby Calvert and Arren Mabee (Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, Queen’s University). Ontario’s Energy Suburbs: An Analysis of Ontario’s Green Energy Act, 2009-11. View presentation

Donald N. Dewees (Dept. of Econmics, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto). Electricity Price Trends in Ontario: What and Why. View presentation

Stewart Fast (Dept. of Geography, University of Ottawa). Public Attitudes Towards New Renewable Energy Technologies in the Eastern Ontario Highlands. View presentation

Joanne Groumpos (MES Candidate, York University). Implications of American Federal Climate Change and Energy Policies for Canada. View presentation

Christina E. Hoicka, Ian H. Rowlands, Paul Parker (Faculty of Environment, Waterloo). Consumer Engagement in Ontario Smart Grid Policy. View presentation

Richard J. Marceau (UOIT on behalf of Consortium partners McMaster, Ryerson, Queen’s, Toronto, Waterloo,Western, and UOIT). The Power Engineering Education Consortium: Solving Ontario’s Shortfall of Electric Power Engineers. View presentation

Paul Parker, Christina Hoicka (Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo). From Goal to Action: Enabling Residential Energy Efficiency with Information, Incentives and Inspirations. View presentation

Douglas Macdonald, David Photiadis (University of Toronto). The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and the Ontario Green Energy Act: A New Political Force in Renewable Energy Policy? View presentation

Ian Rice (MES Candidate, York University). The Implications of Provincial Cap-and-Trade for Sustainability in Ontario’s Electricity System. View presentation

Stephan Schott (School of Public Policy, Carleton University). Energy Security and Climate Change Policy in North America. View presentation

Ray Ger (B.A.Sc. Candidate, Dept. of Engineering Science, University of Toronto), Zeb Tate (Assistant professor, Dept. of Electrical Computer Engineering, University of Toronto). Uniform Pricing Meets Reality: A Renewed Call for Locational Electricity Prices in Ontario.  View presentation

Jennifer Taylor (York University). Underlying Factors of Opposition to an Offshore Wind Project in Lake Ontario. View presentation

Owen Temby (Dept. of Political Science, Carleton University). Trouble in Smogville: The Politics of Toronto’s Air Pollution During the 1950s. View presentation

Brian Young (Manager, Conservation and Technology Development Funds). OPA’s Province-Wide Capability Building Initiatives — 2011-14: Building Skills and Knowledge for an Energy-Efficient Ontario. View presentation

Annual Conference: 
2011 Annual Workshop