2014 Annual Workshop

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 09:00 to Friday, April 25, 2014 - 14:00


Waring House
395 Sandy Hook Rd
K0K 2T0 Picton , ON
Ontario CA

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2014 Presentations

Panel on wind politics in Ontario

Tanya Christidis, Tim Heinmiller, Stephen Hill

Session I: Sustainable energy policy

Louis Simard. Electricity, regulation and tools in Canada: the return of the State?

Jodi Adams & Doug Macdonald. Influence of the renewable energy industry on Ontario electricity policy.

Douglas Bessette, Joseph Arvai & Victoria Campbell-Arvai. A decision support framework for developing regional energy strategies.

Bruce Pardy. Can the Ontario Government cancel renewable energy contracts?

Session II: Grids and transmission policy

Philip Walsh. Will the consolidation of Ontario's municipally-owned electrical distribution companies lead to more sustainable energy practices?

Konstantinos Karanasios & Paul Parker. Renewables vs. grid extension: Evaluation approaches and criteria for electricity system options in Northern Ontario remote communities.

Warren Mabee & Stewart Fast. Balancing wind output with biomass: assessing the potential for dispatchable hybrid renewable generation sites in Ontario.

Session III: Local sustainable energy policy

Joy Parr & Jana Fried. Communities as "willing hosts" for nuclear waste?

Kendra Sakaguchi & Stephan Schott. Turning off Niagara Falls? Conflicting Water Uses in the Niagara River Watershed.

Atiya Jaffar & Benjamin Bradshaw. Increasing Aboriginal Power and Fulfilling Intergenerational Obligations: Exploring Frames for Sustainable Energy Development.

Session IV: Financing sustainable energy

Harris Berton, Daniel Rosenbloom, Owen Temby & James Meadowcroft. A 'capital' plan: a critical review of trade-offs in the design of CDN energy financing.

Nicholas Rivers, Soodeh Saberian & Leslie Shiell. Free-riding on energy efficiency subsidies: The case of natural gas furnaces in Canada.

David Benatia & Pierre-Olivier Pineau. Supply Function Competition and Intermittent Renewable Generation in Deregulated Electricity Markets with an Ontario Application.

Session V: Sustainable energy policy II

Hidemichi Yonezawa & Nicholas Rivers. Intranational carbon leakage: The case of Canada.

Kean Birch & Kirby Calvert. Rethinking ‘drop-in’ biofuels: on the political materialities of bioenergy in Ontario.

Madeleine McPherson, Bryan Karney & Danny Harvey. Development of a novel tool for renewable resource characterization.

Annual Conference: 
2014 Annual Workshop