Annual Workshop

Every year, the Ontario Network for Sustainable Energy Policy (ONSEP) hosts a two day workshop at a venue in Ontario. The workshop features presentations by academics, professionals and graduate researchers working in this policy space. The event aims to enhance the energy policy debate by bringing together researchers from multiple disciplines and encouraging open dialogue and the development of new ideas.

The workshop offers participants the opportunity to network, share ideas and build new collaborations. Previous workshops have explored issues surrounding: conservation and demand-side management; policy analysis and future low-carbon transitions in energy contexts; industrial, market and regulatory issues in renewable electricity; challenges related to communities and sustainable energy; and, future issues for Ontario

News and Updates

2013 Presentations

Session I: Communities and sustainable energy

Bahareh Toghiani Rizi – Community Energy Planning: Current State of Practice in Canada View presentation View Presentation

David MacMillan – At the interface of urban development and energy use: Planning the expansion of district energy systems in Ontario View Presentation

Judith Lipp – The Untapped Potential of Community Power in Ontario: What Will It Take to Get It Right?

Session II: Smart grid solutions

Scott Weiler – What is Smart Grid in Ontario: Evolution or Revolution View Presentation

Nicholas Belanger & Ian Rowlands – Smart energy networks: the lay of the land View Presentation

Ryan Reiber – Second Life: An energy storage strategy using spent electric vehicle batteries View Presentation

Session III: Discourse and perceptions surrounding renewables

Stewart Fast – A Habermasian analysis of local renewable energy deliberations

Daniel Rosenbloom, Simon Langlois & James Meadowcroft – Framing the sun: A multi-level analysis of public discourse surrounding solar photovoltaics in Ontario, Canada

2012 Presentations

Peter Love (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University). Enhancing the Demand Response Resource in Ontario.  View presentation

Rebecca Mallinson (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University). Electricity Conservation Policy in Ontario: Understanding and Assessing a System in Progress. View presentation

Kimia Ghomeshi (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University).  Energy Conservation as a Poverty Reduction Strategy. View presentation

Graeme Auld, Bozica Burlica, Alexandra Mallett, Francis Nolan-Poupart and Robert Slater (School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University). Policies for Promoting Low Carbon Technology: A Survey of Global Insights from Empirical Experience. View presentation

Daniel Rosenbloom and James Meadowcroft (School of Public Policy and Administration, Cartleton University). Transitioning to a Low Carbon Electricity System: A Socio-techical, Evolutionary, Multi-level Analysis of the Electricity Regime in Ontario. View presentation

2011 Presentations

Kirby Calvert and Arren Mabee (Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, Queen’s University). Ontario’s Energy Suburbs: An Analysis of Ontario’s Green Energy Act, 2009-11. View presentation

Donald N. Dewees (Dept. of Econmics, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto). Electricity Price Trends in Ontario: What and Why. View presentation

Stewart Fast (Dept. of Geography, University of Ottawa). Public Attitudes Towards New Renewable Energy Technologies in the Eastern Ontario Highlands. View presentation

Joanne Groumpos (MES Candidate, York University). Implications of American Federal Climate Change and Energy Policies for Canada. View presentation

Christina E. Hoicka, Ian H. Rowlands, Paul Parker (Faculty of Environment, Waterloo). Consumer Engagement in Ontario Smart Grid Policy. View presentation

Richard J. Marceau (UOIT on behalf of Consortium partners McMaster, Ryerson, Queen’s, Toronto, Waterloo,Western, and UOIT). The Power Engineering Education Consortium: Solving Ontario’s Shortfall of Electric Power Engineers. View presentation

2010 Presentations

Chris Codd, Brian Karney (University of Toronto), and Stephan Schott (Carleton University). Balancing the Natural Beauty of Niagara Falls Tourism and Clean Power Generation. 

Jeffery Cottes (School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University). Sustainable Biofuels and Provincial Strategies in Manitoba and Ontario. View presentation

Donald N. Dewees (Dept. of Economics, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto). Sustainable Pricing for Sustainable Electricity. View presentation

Jose Etcheverry (PhD., York University). From Local to Regional: New Climate Change Mitigation Options for North America. View presentation

Beth Evans (MA Candidate, Frost Centre for Canadian Studies, Trent University). Critical Success Factors for Renewable Energy Co-operatives. View presentation

Stewart Fast (PhD. Candidate, Dept. of Geography, University of Ottawa). Diverging Views of Energy from Forest Biomass: Using Habermas’ Public Sphere to Analyze Renewable Energy Transportation in Ontario. View presentation