2012 Presentations

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Peter Love (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University). Enhancing the Demand Response Resource in Ontario.  View presentation

Rebecca Mallinson (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University). Electricity Conservation Policy in Ontario: Understanding and Assessing a System in Progress. View presentation

Kimia Ghomeshi (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University).  Energy Conservation as a Poverty Reduction Strategy. View presentation

Graeme Auld, Bozica Burlica, Alexandra Mallett, Francis Nolan-Poupart and Robert Slater (School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University). Policies for Promoting Low Carbon Technology: A Survey of Global Insights from Empirical Experience. View presentation

Daniel Rosenbloom and James Meadowcroft (School of Public Policy and Administration, Cartleton University). Transitioning to a Low Carbon Electricity System: A Socio-techical, Evolutionary, Multi-level Analysis of the Electricity Regime in Ontario. View presentation

Zeb Tate and Chi Wei (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto). Dynamic Regulation Requirements for Management of Wind Generation Uncertainty. View presentation

Inês Ribeiro. Extending the Traditional ESCO Model to Renewable Energy Contracting. View presentation

Nic Rivers (Graduate School of Public and International A airs, University of Ottawa). Economic and employment impacts of Ontario's feed-in tariff program. View presentation

Sarah Martin  (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University). Creating a Culture of Conservation through Community Energy Plans. View presentation

Christina Hoicka and Paul Parker (Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo). The impact of program structure on retrofit decisions: Analysis of decisions in a Residential Energy Efficiency Project 1999-2011. View presentation

Stephan Schott and Andrei Sedoff (School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University). Sustainable Power and Scenic Beauty: Historical developments that led to the 1950 Niagara River Water Diversion Treaty.  View presentation

James Baxter, Rakhee Morzaria and Rachel Hirsch (Department of Geography, University of Western Ontario). The Impacts of Ontario's Green Energy Act on Ontario Residents Living with Wind Turbines.

Jason M. Luk , Mohammad Pourbafrani, Bradley Saville and Heather L. MacLean (University of Toronto). Ethanol or Bioelectricity?  Life Cycle Assessment of Bioenergy use in Light-Duty Vehicles. View presentation

Adam Fremeth and Richard Laszlo (Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario). Renewable Natural Gas: The Ontario Opportunity. View presentation

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2012 Annual Workshop