2013 Presentations

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Session I: Communities and sustainable energy

Bahareh Toghiani Rizi – Community Energy Planning: Current State of Practice in Canada View presentation View Presentation

David MacMillan – At the interface of urban development and energy use: Planning the expansion of district energy systems in Ontario View Presentation

Judith Lipp – The Untapped Potential of Community Power in Ontario: What Will It Take to Get It Right?

Session II: Smart grid solutions

Scott Weiler – What is Smart Grid in Ontario: Evolution or Revolution View Presentation

Nicholas Belanger & Ian Rowlands – Smart energy networks: the lay of the land View Presentation

Ryan Reiber – Second Life: An energy storage strategy using spent electric vehicle batteries View Presentation

Session III: Discourse and perceptions surrounding renewables

Stewart Fast – A Habermasian analysis of local renewable energy deliberations

Daniel Rosenbloom, Simon Langlois & James Meadowcroft – Framing the sun: A multi-level analysis of public discourse surrounding solar photovoltaics in Ontario, Canada

Tanya Christidis – Perceptions of Renewable Energy and Reported Health Effects: Results from a Pilot Study near Chatham-Kent, Ontario View Presentation

Session IV: Policy analysis and sustainable energy

Mark Winfield & Nageen Rehman – Green Jobs and Renewable Energy: Exploring the Economic Development Impact of Renewable Energy Initiatives in Ontario and Europe View Presentation

Marisa Beck, Nicholas Rivers & Randall Wigle – The “Other" Benefits of Renewable Energy Promotion View Presentation

Nicholas Rivers & Brandon Schaufele – An evaluation of the Ontario vehicle feebate: The Tax and Tax Credit for Fuel Conservation View Presentation

Session V: Bioenergy issues and policy

Yvonne Rollins – Energy from waste?: A critical review of waste to energy technologies’ potential and realised contributions to managing waste as a sustainable energy resource in Ontario. View Presentation

Kirby Calvert, Jamie Stephen, Peter Milley, Jean Blair & Warren Mabee – Re-assessing policy options for bioenergy development and implementation View Presentation

Session VI: Promoting energy efficiency and conservation

James Meadowcroft, Glen Toner, Leela Steiner, Milana Simikan & Dina Kutziubas – Agency for Change: The Promotion of Energy Efficiency Through Institutional Innovation

Junna Zhao and Paul Parker – Is Local Policy Effective in Changing Energy Efficiency Decision Making? An Evaluation of Building Envelop Upgrades in the City of Kitchener Compared to Neighbouring Cities

Session VII: Politics of greening the grid

Leah Stokes – The Electoral Implications of Renewable Energy: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Ontario, Canada

Matt Lesch & Douglas Macdonald – Distributive Conflicts Respecting Interprovincial Electricity Transport

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2013 Annual Workshop