2016 Workshop Presentations

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Renewables & conservation (Chair: Nic Rivers)    

  1. Christine Koenig, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. Feasibility of 100% renewables for Ontario. 
  2. Maya  Papineau, Katrina Jessoe & David Rapson, Carleton. Measuring Split Incentives in Commercial Electricity Usage.  
  3. Madeleine McPherson & Bryan Karney, U of T. Application of the SILVER model to simple, high variable renewable energy penetration, Ontario-­‐based scenarios. 
  4. Samiha Tahseen, Bryan Karney & Jennifer Drake, U of T, Increased hydropower potential at Niagara: A scenario-­‐based analysis. 

Wind policy (Chair: Madeleine McPherson)    

  1. Margaret Loudermilk, Western. Renewable energy policy and Ontario wind turbine development. 
  2. Martin Heintzelman, Clarkson. Wind energy development and property value. 
  3. Christine Hempel, U of Guelph. Planning in the face of power: a community-­‐based model for siting wind energy infrastructure. 

Pipelines & people (Chair: Alexandra Mallet)    

  1. George Hoberg, UBC. The New Politics of Energy in Canada: A Case Study of the Energy East Pipeline 
  2. Carol Hunsberger, Western. Energy justice and the case of line 9 
  3. Lorraine Sugar, U of T. Sustainable urban energy systems: a science of cities approach

Smart electricity (Chair: Adam Fremeth)    

  1. Nic Rivers, U of Ottawa. The effect of in-­‐home displays on electricity demand.  
  2. Gord Stephens & Ian Rowlands, U of Waterloo. Policy evaluation of electrical end-­‐use intervention analysis methods.   
  3. Mark Winfield, Scott Weiler & Julia Zeeman, York. The emerging world ‘behind the meter’ and its implication for electricity systems.  

Energy finance & climate (Chair: Ian Rowlands)    

  1. Alice Dixon, York. Renewable energy co-­‐operatives in Canada: A status update.
  2. Jason Luk, U of T. Impact of non-­‐petroleum vehicle fuel economy on GHG mitigation potentials.
  3. Peter Massie, Carleton. Assessing the electricity cost implications of the Feed-­‐in Tariff in Ontario.
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2016 Annual Workshop