2017 Annual Workshop - Draft Programme

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Monday, 24 April

4:00pm: Check in and registration

5:00-6:00pm: Opening session. (Conference Room)

6:00-7:00pm: Reception & social (Amelia’s Garden)

7:00pm: Dinner 

Tuesday, 25 April (all sessions in Conference Room)

7:00-8:30am: Breakfast (Amelia’s Garden)

8:30-10:30am: Energy efficiency & demand management (Chair: Don Dewees)

1)     Nic Rivers. U of Ottawa. Does Daylight Savings Time Save Energy? Evidence from Ontario.
2)     Joan Ang. Waterloo. A Review of Energy Management in Ontario’s Broader Public Sector.  
3)     Abhilash Kantamneni, U of Guelph. Barriers to energy retrofitting social housing.
4)     Stephanie Whitney. Waterloo. Motivations of building managers to engage in sustainable practices.

10:30-11:00am: Break

11:00-12:30pm:  Energy Storage (Chair: Nic Rivers)

5)    Mark Winfield, Shahab Shokrzadeh & Adam Jones. York. Comparing Emerging Policy Frameworks for Energy Storage Technologies.
6)     James Gaede & Ian Rowlands. Waterloo. A gateway, a stopgap, a challenge or a distraction? A socio-technical analysis of socio-political acceptance of energy storage in Ontario.
7)    Madeleine McPherson. U of Toronto. Integrating storage resources to mitigate variability from renewable energy on Ontario’s electrical grid: exploring the roles of grid flexibility, renewable penetration, and market structure.

12:30-1:30pm:  Lunch (Amelia’s Garden)

1:30-3:00pm:  Energy transitions (Chair: Alexandra Mallet)

8)     Samuel Buckstein. U of Toronto. Of Beck and Bourassa: An historical analysis of the 100-year saga of electric utilities in search of guiding lessons to adapt to a climate changed world.  
9)     Daniel Rosenbloom. Carleton. Framing low-carbon pathways: A discursive analysis of the development and implications of contending storylines surrounding the phase-out of coal in Ontario.
10)  Dane Labonte. Waterloo. “Death Spirals” or Distributed Energy Resources? Distributed Generation Policy Tensions in the Canadian Context.

3:30-6:30pm: Wine tour and tasting (optional, but highly encouraged; $10-20/person additional cost)

7:00pm: Dinner (Amelia’s Garden)

Wednesday, 26 April

7:00-8:30am: Breakfast (Amelia’s Garden)

8:30-10:30am: Climate & regulation (Chair: James Meadowcroft)  

11)  Stephen Bird. Clarkson. Public authorities and the politics of regulation.
12)  Marc Brouillette. Strategic Policy Economics. Ontario’s Emissions and the Long-Term Energy Planning Challenge
13)  Andrew Green. U of Toronto. Independence, Expertise and Trust: Reforming the National Energy Board  
14)  Angela Carter. Waterloo. Policy Responses to the Dual Oil/Climate Crisis in Canada’s Petro-Provinces: Circumventing or
Entrenching Carbon Capitalism?

10:30-11:00am: Break

11:00-12:30pm: Energy planning (Chair: Stephen Hill)

15)  Ian McVey. Ontario Climate Consortium. Integrating land use and energy planning in Ontario municipalities
16)  Anahita Jami. Ryerson. The role of a third-party broker in managing controversies in wind energy siting.  
17)  Jamie Baxter. Western. Public understanding of waste-to-energy incineration.

12:30-1:00pm:  ONSEP working lunch; Prospects/next steps discussion (Conference Room)

1:30pm onwards: Departure or field trip (TBD)

Annual Conference: 
2017 Annual Workshop